The words coding and programming are used synonymously to describe the act of writing a list of instructions for a computer to follow to complete a task.

There are many languages (Java, C, Python to name a few) and each have different uses. I teach in Python as it is easy to learn, powerful and in demand commercially. 

Learning to program empowers you or your child to thrive in the modern world. Computers and the code that run them are now part of most aspects of life. Your car, phone, computer, fridge, the internet, science, finance, law and much more heavily utilise computer programs to work.

In the near future a large amount of jobs will be lost to automation. For example, if you want to work in transport or manufacturing in the future you want learn to program robots, not to drive a bus or a forklift - they'll be driving themselves!

Learning to code is also a great addition to many current careers - with a small investment of time you will make yourself much more computationally efficient and desirable to employers.