I utilise free online resources for teaching and I highly encourage you and or your child to do the same to aid in learning. Why not just teach yourself online? Go for it! In fact my main goal is to get you or your child to the point where you're comfortable to teach yourself the rest online. For example, my job doesn't require making games and websites but I taught myself how easily with these tutorials https://pythonprogramming.net/. Once you have the basics down you'll also be able to easily learn new ways to use your skills!

The value I offer is to get you through the first stages of learning, which can be very frustrating and overwhelming on your own.  

I will teach:

  • All the basic programming principles:
    • Types
    • Loops
    • ... (much more)
    • Classes
  • Some more advanced programming:
    • Object Oriented principles
    • Multithreading
  • Python syntax and structure
  • Linux/Unix and Bash (intermediate classes)
  • How to find and use libraries
  • Various IDEs 
  • Git and source control
  • De-bugging
  • How to teach yourself (i.e., use Stack Overflow)
  • How to make a game or website (minimum 10 hrs)
  • Hardcore data science and bioinformatics (if you want) 

I will further:

  • Endeavour to answer every questions/solve all problems, eventually
  • Promise that you'll get to be good at programming faster and with less stress than doing it all yourself online

I won't:

  • Be able to answer every single question straight away
  • Pretend to know things I don't:
    •  I don't make games, websites or apps for a living - my high level expertise is in writing code for super computers to analyse massive genomic data. Therefore I will teach you all the basics of programming, as this is common to all niches, I will teach you how to make a simple game or website using these basic skills. After that you're done! You'll easily be able to go from there on your own utilising the web based resources I have acquainted you with.