Here I introduce the core concepts of programming. 


This beginners course covers all the fundamentals of programming - applicable to any programming language. Everyone learns at a different pace, however, I aim to have students go home with a fun racing game to show off after 10 classes. Have a look at the resources page to get an idea of the basic code I teach.

I teach using Python, as do most universities. Python is one of the most popular programming languages due to its ease of use and versatility. Python is heavily utilised by Google, YouTube, DropBox and many many more. Python is a great first language because it reads like English and has great googleability (the ability to solve most problems with a quick Google search). 

The only way to learn to program is to program and that's what students will do. Classes are 100% hands on and theory is taught while doing. I'll help guide students towards the optimal solutions that will form the foundations of more complex programs later.

Finally, put it all together and make your own game (or whatever interests you) from scratch using all the skills you've learned.

A demo lesson:

Brief demo of my content

Language used: Python 

Python is a very popular high level object oriented programming language.

Course topics:

First program
Data types
If statements
Read/write files
Good practices
Racing game


Laptop computer
Basic mathematics
Basic English
Passion to learn


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