I am a bioinformatician (computational genetics), MSc Bioinformatics. My code runs the genetic diagnostic servers for SA pathology - every single genetic test in the whole state goes through my code. I have worked for the University of Melbourne using programming to study bacterial resistance. I now work for a Brisbane based company writing code for cancer research.

I am an experienced teacher having taught science, maths and English at the premiere international school in Mexico, Colgio Suizo, Cuernavaca. Further, I have tutored both university and high school students in Australia, counselled and educated for Quitline and taught both science and programming to scientific/medical colleagues. In the picture below I am presenting at the Australian Genetic Technologies Association (AGTA) conference in Melbourne.

I am not a programming guru and this is a good thing! I have only been programming for seven years. I can remember what its like to know nothing about programming - this makes me a much better teacher for beginners. 

If I could go back in time and do it all over I'd start playing guitar, learning Spanish and surfing at age ten. I'd start learning to program at age seven. Honestly, if you can program the world is your oyster, the sky isn't a limit (only your imagination is) AND - its fun! That's what I'm offering.

Most of my professional code isn't publicly available, however, I do have a few open source projects to have a look at on Github. Further, here is a link to some of my professional work - https://www.nature.com/articles/s41588-019-0417-8 .